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The Concept to Completion System

Concept to Completion (C2C)  is a design and building contracting system that revolutionises the way industry  works, delivering you huge savings. At its heart is a transparent way of pricing a building, where all costs, including design and  project management are clear to the client. It also gives control to the client to make their own decisions about building materials, choice of contractors and any variations they want. For building a home, development or commercial building it means the best possible savings.

Developed in 1992 by designer Peter Woods and refined by his team  in 2005, C2C  is a system for builders designed to deliver cost savings for customers. Under the C2C  system you work in partnership with the designer and builder. You directly access sub-contractors and suppliers and ‘shop the market’ to get the best deals which are then locked into a contract. All the costs are transparent, including what the builder charges you to carry out the work, and there are no variation loadings or surcharges, ever.

Don't waste any more time doing it the old way, look at what the C2C  system does for you and start saving !

  • The C2C  design and building contracting system complies with all relevant BSA legislation, and all normal warranties and insurances apply to the building works. 
  • Sun Built  will give you a trial budget report within 10% accuracy after receiving preliminary drawings.
  • We offer a "Guaranteed Maximum Price"for your peace and security.
  • The builder  works in partnership with you as the construction manager.
  • You pay all the costs directly to suppliers and subcontactors putting you in control of the money.
  • You are secure in the knowledge that C2C  is a fully compliant contractual system.
  • Shop the marketplace for the best prices and choice of finishes.
  • You never have the worries of being an "owner builder" or having a "cost plus" contract.
  • Pay trade rates without ever having to pay variation loadings.
  • You have a manager rather than a builder look after your interests, and enjoy constant communication through the project.
  • Obtain direct access to suppliers to take advantage of discounts and bargains.

For more details about the C2C  building system, and how it can work for you, contact us on  Mob 0432 828 486 or email us at

Compare it to the 'Old' Building System

  • A standard contract carries greater overheads which you pay for.
  • You don't see the real costs.
  • You cannot, without extra cost, change fixtures or finishes.
  • Premium prices apply.
  • Variations, which are extremely common in the residential building market, are seen in standard building contracts as "cream to the builder".
  • It is inevitable that you will have variations, but you are not able to shop around to ensure a fair price.
  • The owner is virtually at the mercy of the builder once the contract is signed.
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