About us

Family owned & operated on the Sunshine Coast.

Our expert CEO and head construction manager Marcel has been building on the Sunshine

Coast for over 20 years and takes pride in every project he delivers,

no matter how great or small.


“Early on in my career, I saw the need for transparency between builders and clients.

In the past, the best price usually wins the job leaving no options for

the clients to develop new ideas, more often than not ending

in disputes between the client and builder.


Using the Concept to Completion system of construction management

I have been able to turn things around by creating a win-win for both client and builder.

Proven time and again, I would never go back to the old way of building.”

Marcel Vanderharst


We can provide you with an accurate budget figure within 48 hr  to get you started.


Our powerful software program ensures you get an accurate costing from a simple sketch.

However don’t despair,  if you have already found yourself with a budget blowout

   due to  expensive  design drawings by another party, we can still  work

      closely within the trial budget and a re worked design to make

          sure  you get what you want within your requirements.


We offer a free Trial Budget to all clients as part of our service.

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