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Adding value to your home with a renovation

Adding value to your home with a renovation

If you’re finding your running out of room and the place is looking its age, what was in 20 yrs ago is now looking dated and tired, it’s probably time for a Renovation, if done with careful planning and a good design it can add a lot to the value of the property and it wouldn’t be hard to justify the expense to the value it has added to the home.

While generally, the cost of a renovation is a lot more per $m2 than a new build, you can’t replace a location and often a few minor changes can make a huge difference to the livability of a home if a tight budget is a factor. One of the questions often asked is “can we stay in the property while renovating ,“ this depends on the complexity of the renovation and if a wing can be isolated for habitation while works continue.

We can supply a no-cost trial budget to see what your renovation both minor or major could cost you, all we need is a sketch with some dimensions and we can do the rest.

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