What style do you love

Posted in Renovations
by Marcel

The question might be asked how long is a piece of string, there are so many styles and tastes it depends on each person taste, we point people to the Houzz website as this has probably the most comprehensive database of house styles, room types on the internet and has a great search function to browse at your leisure, when you find something you like save it to a ideas list and keep searching.

Eventually, you will work out what style you really like and may find it will be a mixture of different styles to create your own individual taste.


This modern style bathroom design was constructed by our builders in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.


Another Caloundra home design. This bathroom is a more elegant design than the above modern look.


This classic bathroom design was built by our construction team up on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.


Beautiful yet simple in design. This beautiful bathroom was finished as part of a renovation in Britinya.


All about class with this design. Renovated in Caloundra, from a 70’s style mess into a modern piece